Detoxing Off Oxycodone at Novus Medical Detox Center

Recently a Novus patient, who successfully completed their Oxycodone detox at Novus, had this to say about their experience:
“All in all it was very helpful to me. The staff and nurses were terrific and seem to really care.
Everything was exceptional.
Very quiet and peaceful…
Coming in was a big step for recovery. I was taking 180mg of Oxycodone and 6 mg of Xanax per day. I was safely taken off both drugs in 8 days with minimal discomfort. I know this is just the first step but I believe I am strong enough to stay drug free and learn how to handle stress and anxiety and pain differently.
I also realized I am not alone. Many people I have met here, staff and patients, were extremely caring.
Thank you very much.”

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