Ingenuity Health Releases First Research Report On Potential Medication Non-Adherence and Misuse of Opioids and Illicit Drugs among the Seriously Mentally Ill

September 8, 2015

Research based on urine drug testing focused on exposing the problems associated with
medication non-adherence in those with SMI and how medication monitoring can help

BALTIMORE – Sept. 8 – Ingenuity Health, a service of Ameritox, Ltd., and a leading provider of medication monitoring solutions to behavioral health clinicians, today released its first-ever research report that examines the extent of potential patient non-adherence to antipsychotic medications used to treat serious mental illness (SMI). The report details the harmful effects of non-adherence for patients and society along with the equally pernicious problem of misuse of prescription painkillers and abuse of illicit drugs in patients with SMI.

Based on nearly 23,000 patient samples collected through urine drug monitoring and tested for
the presence of a prescribed antipsychotic, 24.8 percent of samples did not contain the prescribed antipsychotic, 33 percent contained a non-prescribed drug and 19.7 percent contained an illicit drug. Marijuana and non-prescribed benzodiazepines (such as Valium or Xanax) were the most commonly detected illicit drugs and non-prescribed drugs.

“Medication non-adherence, along with the practice of misusing and abusing opioids and the
abuse of illicit drugs, occur too often among people with serious mental illnesses, and pose
serious risks to the health and welfare of these patients, and to those around them,” said Jerry Vaccaro, MD, President of Ingenuity Health. “With these obstacles to long-term health, the more additional insight into adherence that we can provide, the better clinicians can treat and manage their patients and prevent tragedy.”

“We’re publishing these internal results because the consequences of those with serious mentalillness going untreated are enormous for both patients and the communities they live in,” said Scott Walton, CEO of Ameritox. “We also hope that these facts will help public officials, health care workers, community groups, educators and media use this data to address the issues that mental illness creates for patients and for society.”

About Ingenuity Health

As a service of Ameritox℠, a national leader in medication monitoring solutions, Ingenuity Health utilizes urine drug monitoring to provide highly reliable data and analysis that helps doctors and behavioral health specialists better treat patients diagnosed with SMI.

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