Joel McEndree,

Vice President, Intellectual Property & Program Development

Joel McEndree, one of the founders of Ameritox, brings extensive business start-up and management experience to his role as Vice President, Intellectual Property & Program Development.

Before helping to launch Ameritox in 2001, he was CEO of its predecessor, Universal Toxicology Laboratories. Mr. McEndree had previously started two other companies. Dojuta Properties, founded in 1998, managed various real–estate ventures; Magi, Inc., which he started in 1981, performed contract accounting and operations services for small, independent oil and gas operators. All of these companies, including the two laboratories, have shared a strong commitment to offering valuable, reliable solutions to their client companies and physician practices.

Mr. McEndree holds a BBA with majors in finance and accounting from the University of North Florida. He currently lives in Midland, Texas.