Oral Fluids Testing

The Ameritox Solution

Oral fluid testing is another example of how Ameritox is providing Medication Monitoring Solutions℠ for Clinicians treating patients on Chronic Opioid Therapy. Benefits of Oral Fluids testing include:

  • Improved detection of recent drug use.
  • Lowered risk of sample adulteration.
  • Easily observed collection without the need for dedicated restroom facilities or sex-specific staff.
  • Ease of sample collection from patients who may have trouble or be resistant to providing a urine sample.

The Ameritox Difference

Ameritox delivers exceptional service and support to help you monitor and manage your patients medication use. Dedicated Ameritox Sales Consultants provide support to integrate monitoring into your practice and
to minimize the time it takes to monitor patients.

Unparalleled Tools and Services

  • A team of Ameritox Toxicology Specialists℠ – experts in the science of toxicology
  • Medical Science Liaisons – experts in pharmacology and testing
  • Rx Guardian AutoReminder® – independently and randomly selects patients for monitoring to eliminate guesswork and bias
  • Clear, easy-to-read reports that tell you about your patient’s medication use to help in your patients treatment plan
  • Unparalleled advancements in chronic pain medication monitoring – in collaboration with leading medical research centers
  • State-of-the-art testing methodologies including analytical technology that quantifies drugs using LCMSMS


Patients who are unable or unwilling to provide a urine sample
Patients with medical conditions that may prevent them from providing a sample, such as:

  • Patients diagnosed with paruresis (shy bladder syndrome)
  • Patients requiring dialysis

Oral Fluid Drug Test Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

If you have any questions regarding Oral Fluid Testing, please contact your Ameritox Sales Consultant, or call 877-596-2224.