Practice Management Resources

Ameritox offers comprehensive practice management support to help you successfully integrate pain medication monitoring solutionsSM into your continuum of chronic pain management. These unique tools and resources maximize the value of pain medication monitoring for your patients and your practice.

Understanding that your time and practice resources are at a premium, Ameritox assists your efforts to provide the best chronic pain care with exceptional practice management support. In addition to working with you and your clinical staff on every aspect of monitoring, we offer a wide range of tools and resources to give you greater control of chronic pain patient care.

  • Ameritox Online ServicesSM allows you to submit requisitions and access reports around the clock via a secure web site.
  • Rx Guardian AutoReminderSM automatically and randomly selects patients for monitoring based on a protocol you select, eliminating guesswork and bias.
  • A comprehensive array of reports track patient and practice progress for more effective risk management programs.
  • Strong relationships with leading insurers and managed care organizations ensure broad coverage for your patients.

It all adds up to a more efficient monitoring process and more informed chronic pain care decisions that lead to better patient and practice outcomes.