Patient/Practice Data & Insightful Reporting: Beyond standard laboratory testing

You need reporting that is both informative and accessible. Ameritox has developed a wide range of patient and practice reports that provide insight into laboratory testing results and an unmatched level of detail on your patients’ medication use. Our reports include:

  • Ameritox Rx GuardianSM Results Report
  • Rx Guardian AutoReminderSM Reports
  • Ameritox Practice ProfilesSM

Customizable patient and practice report, including a report of patients not recently monitored can be printed or downloaded to your desktop in .PDF or Excel formats—whichever best meets the needs of your practice.

Ameritox Rx GuardianSM Results Report: Beyond standard urine drug laboratory testing

Patient data from laboratory testing is only as useful as the report that delivers it. The Ameritox Rx GuardianSM results report provides the most in-depth information available on your patients’ pain medication use in a detailed, yet easy-to-interpret format.

  • The normalized value adjusts the laboratory test result for certain physiologic variables, such as body mass and hydration level, using creatinine and lean body weight (height, weight, and gender).
  • The normalized value is then converted to a standard score. Both the normalized value and standard score results are displayed on the Rx GuardianSM Results Report.
  • The curve on the report represents the distribution of standard scores of chronic pain patients who were clinically assessed as adherent in the Rx Guardian CDSM database taking a particular medication. Your patient’s standard score is plotted on the curve to visually demonstrate this comparison.
  • Rx Guardian CD enables clinicians to compare their patients’ normalized urine drug levels to the population of actual pain patients who were clinically assessed as adherent, providing information beyond standard laboratory testing services.
  • Because the 95% Database Reference Range will always be -2 to +2, results can be monitored over time regardless of changes in dose to the same medication.
  • Rx GuardianSM results should be considered in context of the complete clinical picture, including behavioral assessments and knowledge of the patient. Rx GuardianSM clinical laboratory testing is and has always been one valuable, but never the only, source of evidence about medication patient adherence.

If you have questions about any result, Ameritox Toxicology SpecialistsSM are available for questions about laboratory testing and urine toxicology consultation and interpretation.

Rx Guardian AutoReminderSM Reports: Automated lab testing reminders

While physicians and patients have the best intentions, a national study showed that, for a variety of reasons, the majority of patients may not be using their pain medication properly.1 Despite the prevalence of medication misuse and abuse, clearly it’s difficult to tell which patients are not taking their medication as prescribed. Rx Guardian AutoReminderSM is an independent, randomized service that automatically selects patients for monitoring based on the parameters you set. It eliminates the guesswork and any potential bias from pain medication monitoring. By establishing monitoring as an ongoing and objective process, it also helps your patients feel more at ease with pain medication monitoring.

In addition, Rx Guardian AutoReminderSM saves your practice time and effort. Your practice will receive a list of patients to be monitored each month. All your staff needs to do is match the selected names to their patient appointment schedule for consistent, regular monitoring.

Ameritox Practice Profiles

Ameritox Practice Profiles are a valuable tool for maintaining the highest standards of patient and practice safety. These informative reports summarize urine drug test results over a period of time within your practice and benchmark practice results against national Ameritox averages. The comparison allows you to identify areas of focus or improvement, patient population trends or practice management needs.

To learn more about how Ameritox can partner with you, or for more information on Ameritox’s laboratories and testing options, contact Ameritox today.


1Couto JE, Goldfarb NI, Leider HL, Romney MC, Sharma S. High rates of inappropriate drug use in the chronic pain population. Popul Health Manag. 2009;12(4):185–190.