Workers’ Compensation Administrators

As a workers’ compensation professional, your goal is to get claimants back to work as soon as they are able while efficiently managing costs. Controlling pain is an important part of many injured workers’ treatment, yet it can be a substantial expense.

Medication monitoring with Ameritox goes beyond standard urine drug testing to provide a more comprehensive picture of injured workers’ pain medication use. It is important insight for managing the care of and the costs associated with claimants on chronic pain therapy. With this unique insight, you and your clinicians can evaluate claimants’ treatment—and improve the overall quality and cost-effectiveness of pain management.

Why Pain Medication Monitoring?

In the U.S. workforce, pain carries a high cost in both time and productivity. The productivity cost alone has an estimated value of more than $61 billion a year1. At the same time, a national study found that many Workers' Compensation claimants on chronic opioid therapy (>3 months) may not be taking their pain medication as prescribed2. This pervasive misuse or abuse is due to everything from simply choosing not to take their medication to taking too much medication because of inadequate pain control, abuse or addiction.

To help claimants get back to work, while managing their care efficiently, you need reliable information about their pain medication use. There is evidence that urine drug screens can identify aberrant opioid use and other substance use that otherwise is not apparent to the treating physician. In fact, ACOEM Guidelines recommend that injured workers receiving chronic opioid therapy be monitored through routine assessment that includes urine toxicology screens 3.

Ameritox—The Power to Understand More

Only Ameritox offers a set of pain medication monitoring solutionsSM that goes beyond standard urine drug testing to provide a comprehensive picture of injured workers’ pain medication use. It’s important insight for managing the care of and the costs associated with injured workers on chronic pain therapy. Working together with a clinician, you can use this valuable knowledge to make more informed decisions about a claimant’s care, so he or she can get back to work and back to life.

To learn how Ameritox can help you improve patient outcomes, reduce patient care costs due to potential non-compliance, and increase the return-to-work ratio, call our Workers’ Compensation Support Team at (866) 743-7147 or email: You can also submit an online request to Ameritox to have a claimant's medication use monitored through urine drug testing at any time.

As a pioneer in pain medication monitoring, only Ameritox offers the comprehensive solutions case managers and clinicians need to manage pain patients’ cases efficiently and effectively. From our superior laboratory services and innovative technologies to our exceptional service and support, we provide vital information for improved chronic pain outcomes.

Superior Science and Laboratory Services

Ameritox science and services are unmatched in the pain medication monitoring industry. Clinical benefits of working with Ameritox include:

The Rx Guardian ProcessSM

Most urine drug testing simply determines the absence or presence of a drug. The Ameritox Rx GuardianSM process with Rx Guardian CDSM is the only urine drug monitoring solution that uses a proprietary normalization algorithm and compares patient results to the most comprehensive reference database of pain patients who are clinically assessed as adherent. Comparing patient standard scores against this database gives clinicians added assurance in assessing whether patients are taking their medication correctly.

Ameritox can help clinicians better manage outcomes for chronic pain patients. Learn more about:

Unmatched Support for Payers and Providers

Ameritox provides unsurpassed support to help you and treating physicians get the most value from their pain medication monitoring. In addition to personalized assistance, we have developed a wide range of tools and extensive support including:

  • A dedicated Ameritox Workers’ Compensation team – for ongoing consultation, administrative and implementation support.
  • Comprehensive training – for nurse case managers, utilization reviewers and adjusters to maximize the value of pain medication monitoring and minimize the time required to monitor.
  • Training for physicians’ practices on pain medication monitoring, including implementation.
  • Access to experienced Ameritox Toxicology Specialists—available for consultation on any result.
  • Access to robust Ameritox Online ServicesSM around-the-clock for requisitions and reporting tools.
  • Benchmark reporting – statistics to benchmark and track patients within a practice or carrier sample.
  • Rx Guardian AutoReminderSM – computer-based tool to help providers and nurse case managers know when to test specific patients, based on the providers' chosen protocol.
  • Results Explanation – The Rx GuardianSM results report also provides helpful results explanations of any findings that are inconsistent with the prescribed medication treatment plan.
  • Pain Medication Monitoring Guide – tools for providers, claims adjusters, and nurse case managers to address concerns about potential non-compliance.

Only Ameritox combines expertise, laboratory science and innovation with exceptional service support. Contact Ameritox to learn why pain medication monitoring with Ameritox is becoming essential for Workers’ Compensation carriers.


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