A Letter from our Compliance Officer

To all Ameritox Customers, Patients, Payors and Employees,

Ameritox is committed to the highest standards of compliance and ethics, built on a strong foundation of sound clinical, laboratory, ethical, regulatory, legal and business practices.

Our goal as a company is to provide unparalleled resources, support and services to physicians that lead to better outcomes among their patient populations. To do so, we maintain a compliance program that promotes strong patient care and trust among physicians and payors.

Our corporate Compliance Program has many components to ensure that trust. These include our Corporate Compliance Department, a Compliance Oversight Committee, Independent Auditing and Monitoring and a robust Employee Training program. This demonstrates our company’s unwavering commitment to uphold all regulatory, legal and ethical standards.

Ameritox has proven itself as the industry leader in pain medication monitoring and I am proud to be part of a company that is also setting an industry standard in its compliance and ethics program.

We thank you — the customers, patients, employees, and payors — for your support in fostering a relationship that reflects the highest ethical standards in the industry.

Best Regards,

Regina G. Morano, J.D., CHC
Corporate Compliance Officer & Vice President