Working With Ameritox

To ensure that your practice has a seamless transition to pain medication monitoring, Ameritox makes start-up easy. Your Ameritox Account Manager is available to educate your staff on each facet of its implementation.

Ameritox offers this easy five-step process to integrate medication monitoring into your practice. While the five steps are essentially the same for every practice, some procedures can be customized to better meet your specific needs.

Our goal is to avoid interrupting your workflow, while providing you with complete account set-up and training on all aspects of monitoring. Your Ameritox Sales Consultant will provide guidance to your staff to ensure that all facets of the monitoring process are running smoothly and efficiently.

Step 1: Pain Medication Monitoring Needs Evaluation

  • Your dedicated Sales Consultant will work with the key decision makers in your practice to assist you in determining your pain medication monitoring needs for all existing and new patients.
  • Ameritox will provide any information necessary for you to select Monitoring Panels based on your needs and complete all start-up paperwork.
  • A “Welcome Kit” will arrive with everything you need to begin monitoring.

Step 2: Kick-off Meeting

The Ameritox Account Service Team hold a kick-off meeting with key implementers in your practice and our Account Service Team.

  • Our Sales Consultants will review the expectations of the pain medication monitoring protocol.
  • We’ll discuss the monitoring workflow process, contents of the Welcome Kit and our billing policy.
  • We’ll review our comprehensive services, and the tools and resources available, including Ameritox Online Services and Rx Guardian AutoReminder SM.

Step 3: Practice Staff Training

Your dedicated Ameritox Account Manager will train key staff members.

  • We’ll review why pain medication monitoring is important in chronic pain management.
  • We’ll thoroughly discuss each step of the process from how to fill out requisition forms to sending out a specimen.
  • Your Account Manager will demonstrate how to use our comprehensive array of tools and resources, including Ameritox Online Services.

Step 4: Implementation Training

Your Account Manager will help integrate monitoring into your practice.

  • Working in tandem with your staff, we’ll help you implement the pain medication monitoring process.
  • We’ll also help your staff to optimize the sample processing workflow.
  • Sales Consultants are always available to conduct additional training on everything from filling out requisition forms to questions on the Ameritox Rx Guardian results reports.

Step 5: Rx Guardian Results Report Debrief