Research Download: Poster Presentations

Members of Ameritox’s Medical Science Liaison team presented three new studies as poster presentations at the 30th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Pain Society, in Austin TX, May 19-21, 2011. Download the presentations by filling out the form below. Presentations include:

  • Predicting abnormal urine drug testing in patients on chronic opioid therapy
    It is difficult for clinicians to accurately predict which of their chronic opioid therapy patients are likely to be misusing opioids or taking an illicit drug.
  • Rates of inappropriate drug use in the chronic pain population: An update
    High rates of inappropriate drug use persist among patients on chronic opioid therapy.
  • Analgesics Monitoring Using Urine Drug Testing in an Internal Medicine Practice: Can it Impact Clinical Decisions?
    The practical application of urine drug monitoring in an internal medicine practice, and the influence of results on clinical decision-making.

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