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What is Rx Guardian CD?

  • Ameritox has created the next generation in Pain Medication Monitoring Solutions®.
  • Rx Guardian CD consists of a proprietary normalization algorithm and the most comprehensive reference database of pain patients who are clinically assessed as adherent.
  • A clinical assessment protocol identifies patients who are adherent to their chronic opioid therapy.
  • Only patients clinically assessed as adherent are included in the reference database.
  • These patients' normalized urine drug levels are adjusted for physiologic variables, generating a normalized drug value, which then populates the reference Rx Guardian CD database.
  • Your patients' standard scores can be compared against this dynamic database.
  • Knowing where your patients' results compare to a database of real life pain patients who were clinically assessed as adherent can help you identify whether your patients may be taking their medication correctly.

Rx Guardian CDSM

Prescribing Opioids? Gain better insights into your patients’ medication use

With use of prescription opioid pain medications on the rise, it is increasingly important for clinicians to effectively manage the medication adherence of their chronic pain patients. The American Pain Society and American Academy of Pain Medicine guidelines for chronic opioid therapy support routine monitoring of chronic opioid therapy patients to confirm adherence to their prescribed drug regimen.1

Rx Guardian CDSM is now part of the Rx GuardianSM process. Rx Guardian CDSM features a unique reference database of pain patients assessed for medication adherence and is supported by a proprietary normalization algorithm. Your patients’ normalized results are compared against the reference database, giving you added confidence in assessing whether your patients are taking their medications correctly.

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