Billing & Reimbursement

Providing pain medication monitoring solutions that are affordable to everyone is an important way Ameritox helps you to continue to provide chronic pain care that leads to better outcomes. We assist by educating patients on billing and extend help with any billing issues. Our strong relationships with leading insurers and managed care organizations also help ensure broad coverage.

Ameritox keeps the billing and reimbursement process as simple and direct as possible to help you better spend your time on the care of your chronic pain patients. We bill your patients directly and offer a variety of billing options to meet individual needs.

For patients with health care coverage or some form of medical savings plan, Ameritox direct billing is fast and convenient. Our services are widely recognized by leading insurance companies and managed care organizations, so all pain medication monitoring services are initially billed to the carrier on the insured patient’s behalf. Once a discounted rate and coverage is determined, Ameritox will bill your patient directly for any amount deemed the patient’s responsibility by the carrier.

For any uninsured patients, Ameritox charges a fixed fee per specimen. This is part of our commitment to helping you provide the best patient care to everyone regardless of financial situation. We also offer financial assistance to your uninsured patients that meet certain financial criteria.

To help your patients better understand the billing and urine drug monitoring process, we provide the following materials:

  • Patient billing cards will help introduce your patients to Ameritox pain medication monitoring solutions and help alleviate any concerns they might have. Each also includes an overview explaining the billing inquiry process.
  • Patient acknowledgement forms ensure that your patients understand and accept their payment responsibilities.

We also offer direct support to both practices and patients. Customer Service may be reached by email at or by phone from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday at (877) 643-6179.