Clinical Staff Training & Support

The Ameritox Account Management Team is available to help you easily and efficiently integrate the pain medication monitoring program that meets your needs. Whether a physician, a nurse, or a medical assistant, key staff members receive the training they need with all aspects of pain medication monitoring.

Your Sales Consultant works with your staff to support the implementation of pain medication monitoring. He or she will help your staff optimize the sample processing workflow and more. We’ll help you and your practice with:

  • An “Ameritox Welcome Kit” with everything your practice needs to begin monitoring.
  • Our concise five-step process to help integrate pain medication monitoring solutions into your practice.
  • Step-by-step, personal instruction on requisition use, data entry, specimen collection, results retrieval, results interpretation and more.
  • Personal instruction on how to use our comprehensive array of tools and resources, including a complete introduction to Ameritox Online ServicesSM and Rx Guardian AutoReminder SM.
  • Guidance on helping your patients understand the benefits as well as the costs of pain medication monitoring.
  • Useful materials for having the most effective discussions with any potentially non-compliant patients.

We provide your team with comprehensive training on all aspects of monitoring to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently for your practice. Once your practice implements pain medication monitoring, your Ameritox Sales Consultant will continue to be available for any additional support or training you may find helpful. You and your staff will also always have access to our Toxicology SpecialistsSM, Customer Support Team, Medical Science Liaisons and Online Services Support Team for any additional support and answers.