More Information Leads to Better Outcomes: Rx Guardian INSIGHTSM Report & Rx GuardianSM Results Report

Rx GuardianSM, featuring Rx Guardian CD℠, provides greater insight into your patients’ pain medication use than standard urine drug testing.  Together with your expertise, observations and other diagnostic tools, Ameritox’s Rx Guardian INSIGHTSM Report and Rx Guardian Results Report can help you make clinical decisions that can enhance the care of your chronic pain patients.

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Rx Guardian INSIGHT℠ Report

The Rx Guardian INSIGHT Report assesses five critical factors related to medication monitoring and presents results in an easy-to-read summary format:

1. Drugs of abuse: Identify illicit drugs
2. Medications or metabolites detected but not listed on the requisition form: Discover non-prescribed medications
3. Medication monitoring results: Evaluate prescription medications being taken – or not being taken
4. Rx Guardian CD℠ standard scores (current): Compare your patient’s results to a  dynamic reference database of chronic pain patients clinically assessed as adherent.
5. Rx Guardian CD historical trend: Track your patient’s medication monitoring results over time

The results also include longitudinal tracking for a long-term view of your patient’s pain medication monitoring. The report was developed in concert with pain management physicians.

Rx Guardian℠ Results Report

Patient data is only as useful as the report that delivers it.  The Ameritox Rx Guardian results report provides the most in depth information available on your patients’ pain medication.

Information found in the Rx Guardian Results Report:

  • Lab results: Reports the qualitative and quantitative results found in your patient’s urine sample.
  • Normalized value:  Adjusts the drug level for physiologic variables, such as body mass and hydration level. This normalized value is compared to a dynamic database of chronic pain patients who have been clinically assessed for medication adherence. Learn More.
  • Standard score: Represents the normalized value once it has been compared to the reference database using our proprietary algorithm.
  • Medication comparison: Compares the medications listed on the requisition form to the analytical test results.
  • Results explanation: Includes possible explanations for findings when the results are not consistent with the prescription regimen (as indicated on the requisition form). This is designed to help you better understand your Rx Guardian test results.
  • Specimen validity testing: Identifies samples that may have been diluted, adulterated, or substituted, which could impact the results.

Learn more about the Rx Guardian INSIGHT Report and the Rx Guardian Results Report by contacting Ameritox to speak to a representative in your area.