Ameritox Study on ADHD Medication Behavior in Adolescents Reveals Which Drug is More Likely to be Misused or Diverted

Ingenuity Health, a leading provider of medication monitoring solutions to behavioral health clinicians and a service of AmeritoxSM, today released research showing that patients between the ages of 6 and 25 who are prescribed medication to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) were more likely to test negative for a prescribed amphetamine medication than a prescribed methylphenidate.

More than 35 percent of patients tested negative for a prescribed amphetamine, compared with just over 26 percent of those who tested negative for prescribed methylphenidate. The research outcomes are based on urine samples collected from patients over a 16-month period.  

“Our research confirmed the ongoing problem of adolescents not taking their prescribed ADHD medication properly with almost 33 percent of the patients testing negative for the prescribed medication,” said Ameritox Chief Medical Officer Thomas Smith, MD.  “Interestingly, the study also suggests that the amphetamine drugs are more likely to be misused or diverted than methylphenidate.”

“One hypothesis in the treating community is that amphetamine– a drug which is highly effective for ADHD – is also more likely to be diverted to the street or shared with friends,” Smith continued. “While our study does not provide proof that this is the case, it does support the hypothesis.”

“When we begin a study, we seek to either confirm or deny a broad trend within medical research, but we also want to dive down into sub-trends that will help the doctors we serve to better understand their patients, and protect them from dangerous behavior,” said Scott Walton, Ameritox CEO. “This research shows our commitment to isolating the troubling behavior that can lead to poor patient outcomes and potential human tragedy, and to providing clinicians the added knowledge to help prevent it.”

The Ameritox Medical Affairs team this week presented this research in the form of a medical poster titled “Medication Adherence in Pediatric and Young Adult Patients Prescribed ADHD Stimulant Medications” to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry conference, held in New York. For more information on this conference, please visit:

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