CBD Oil for Anxiety & Depression: Most Effective Products Reviewed

Anxiety always lurks around the corner. It keeps you up the night before a tough exam or a company presentation. It fills you with dread and panic before you have to travel or appear at a social gathering.

Because it can take many shapes and forms, anxiety is one of the most widespread conditions nowadays. While many people try to dismiss it as mere nervousness, anxiety can have serious long-term consequences. Over time, it can even develop into depression, posing even greater risks to your health.

But treating anxiety is not always easy. There aren’t many OTC drugs that are effective, while prescription medication like Valium is addictive. However, CBD seems like a promising alternative that can help treat anxiety and depression without adverse side effects. Before reviewing the best CBD oil brands for easing anxious and depressive symptoms, let’s understand what anxiety is and how CBD can help.

What Is Anxiety?

As a medical condition, anxiety refers to frequent feelings of extreme worry or fear.

Our bodies’ ability to have those feelings is a coping mechanism designed to keep us out of trouble. However, feeling so stressed out over regular daily occurrences is not a healthy response.

There are different conditions under the umbrella term “anxiety.” For instance, if a situation reminds you of a traumatic experience, you may have a PTSD episode. You might experience panic attacks in stressful situations. Social anxiety might make you dread spending time with others, while generalized anxiety disorder could affect all aspects of your life. 

How Is Anxiety Treated?

Because anxiety can present itself in different ways and vary in severity, there is no single course of treatment. Therapy is usually the way to go, and sometimes therapists may prescribe medication.

However, the drugs used to treat anxiety are far from safe. These drugs can be antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and opioids. Some of them, like Valium, could cause you to develop a possibly life-threatening addiction. Other side effects include sleep problems, nausea, increased risk of heart disease, and increased irritability.

Thankfully, CBD is emerging as a much safer option to treat anxiety disorders.

What Is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a fatty substance extracted from hemp or marijuana. It lacks the psychoactive properties of THC and cannot make you high. However, CBD is still highly effective at improving the work of your nervous system.

The human body contains multiple CB receptors that form the endocannabinoid system. In a healthy person, that system ensures that processes such as cognition, feeling pain or fear, and regulating body temperature are balanced.

Nevertheless, if you suffer from anxiety or depression, your body is off-balance. CBD can help restore its functions back to normal.

How Can CBD Help Treat Anxiety?

CBD can negate the effects of anxiety due to the way CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Animal research and personal testimonials have shown the medical community that CBD might be a potent treatment for anxiety.

In simple terms, when you suffer from anxiety, your nervous system is overstimulated. Your body overreacts to stimuli, causing you to experience more stress, fear, or panic than the situation demands. CBD can fix that imbalance in several ways.

More Serotonin

CBD helps the body get a hold of more serotonin, i.e. the happiness hormone. It achieves this by slowing down the reuptake of serotonin. As a result, the body can use more of it to improve your mood and alleviate anxiety symptoms.

More Anandamide

The body naturally produces the neurotransmitter anandamide to regulate the endocannabinoid system. Elevated levels of this substance in the body lead to a better mood and feelings of joy.

CBD slows down the breakdown of anandamide, which helps restore balance to your body.

More Healthy Neurons

CBD might help the brain generate more neurons, particularly in the hippocampus. That part of the brain is typically smaller in patients with depression. Replenishing it with new nerve cells can then be beneficial in fighting depressive disorders.

Which Products Work for Anxiety & Depression?

Due to the sheer number of CBD products and brands on the market, finding a good one may be a challenge. Pay attention to the following criteria when choosing CBD to help you treat anxiety or depression.

The Quality of Hemp

It is crucial to buy CBD products that come from the highest quality hemp possible. CBD from organic farms in the United States is best, as imports are often inferior.

Carbon Dioxide Extraction

The safest products out there will specify precisely how the CBD is obtained. The best way to get pure, chemical-free CBD oil is through CO2. If you’re buying a tincture, it should be extracted with alcohol. Don’t trust brands that refuse to disclose how they extract CBD.

Type of Oil

CBD oil comes in full-spectrum and isolate varieties. Isolates are the best when you want a high concentration of pure CBD. However, cannabinoids work better together, which makes full-spectrum oils more effective, even at lower CBD concentrations.

Extra Benefits

CBD oil is perfectly fine on its own, as long as you don’t mind the herbal taste. Occasionally, you might like an oil that’s been combined with another beneficial ingredient. For instance, CBD and melatonin combos are great for helping you sleep better.

Third-Party Lab Testing

All respectable CBD producers send their products for testing at unaffiliated labs. You should be able to see the results on the manufacturer’s website. If a brand insists on keeping its lab results secret (even if you ask for them), do not trust it.

Our Picks: Most Effective CBD Oil Brands for Anxiety & Depression


CBDistillery has been at the forefront of the CBD industry for years. Not only was it one of the first brands to delve into this market, but CBDistillery also continues to improve and innovate its products all the time.

The brand currently makes five different kinds of CBD oil that vary in concentration. The mildest one is 250mg, while the strongest is a whopping 5000mg of CBD in just 30ml of oil. Whether you prefer to take small doses of CBD throughout the day or to take it all in one go, CBDistillery has got you covered.

Moreover, the company offers both full-spectrum and THC-free oils. Both can deliver excellent results thanks to the entourage effect.


  • High-quality, GMO-free hemp
  • Products deliver entourage effect
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Affordable


  • Not organic
  • Only one flavor

Royal CBD

Royal CBD is one of the newer CBD companies, but it has quickly proven to be one of the top names in the industry. The reason for Royal CBD’s rapid success is the simplicity and effectiveness of its products.

Quality over quantity seems to be the guiding principle behind Royal CBD’s products. The company only offers two things — a full-spectrum oil and gummies infused with THC-free CBD oil.

All of the company’s CBD comes from high-quality organic hemp grown in the United States. Royal CBD uses carbon dioxide to extract CBD that is both pure and potent. Moreover, Royal CBD’s oil is blended with MCT oil, which has additional health benefits. Royal CBD’s products are also rich in CBN, which makes them better at treating sleep problems as well.

Royal CBD offers oil in three concentrations — 250, 500, or 1000mg, with three flavor options to choose from.


  • High CBD concentration
  • Certified organic
  • Products deliver entourage effect
  • Third-party lab tested
  • The company offers a refund


  • Limited range


If you have never tried CBD oil before, CBDPure might be the best brand to start with. Its full-spectrum products deliver the highly-desirable entourage effect, but the low concentration makes them perfect for beginners.

CBDPure relies exclusively on CO2 as an extraction method, which ensures the purity and safety of the company’s products. Moreover, the hemp CBDPure uses is all grown in the United States.

The brand is committed to providing as much information about its products as possible. There are extensive third-party lab test results for each batch, so you know exactly what you’re buying.

CBDPure believes in the quality of its products and offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Third-party lab tested
  • The company offers a refund


  • No flavor options
  • Potentially weak effects

NuLeaf Naturals

With more than five years of experience under its belt, NuLeaf Naturals knows how to make a good CBD product. The company only specializes in CBD oil drops, but it has taken them to another level.

All of NuLeaf Naturals’ hemp is grown according to the highest industry standards and is certified organic. The company relies on CO2 extraction to achieve a pure, highly concentrated product, which is additionally filtered.

Though NuLeaf Naturals only makes oil drops, the company offers five different potencies you can choose from. The smallest size is 5ml and it contains 240mg of CBD. The largest one is 100ml, providing 4850mg of CBD.


  • Certified organic
  • CO2 extraction
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Extremely potent


  • Limited range
  • Pricey

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs is a highly-versatile brand that carries a wide range of CBD products, including oils, pills, and gummies. It is the only company on this list that grows its hemp in Europe.

The plants Hemp Bombs uses meet the highest industry standards. CBD is extracted from them using CO2, ensuring the final product is safe and pure. All batches go through full lab testing, which means the brand is trustworthy.

You can choose among five strengths of CBD products, containing 300–4000mg of CBD per bottle.

Hemp Bombs stands out in that all of its products are CBD isolates. As a result, they are all THC-free and would not show up on a drug test. However, isolates cannot provide the entourage effect that makes full-spectrum oils more effective.


  • CO2 extraction
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Versatile product range
  • THC-free


  • Isolate — the products may be less effective than full-spectrum oils
  • Not organic

Final Thoughts: CBD Oil Products for Anxiety & Depression

Though it is still being researched, CBD has proven to work similarly to natural compounds the body makes to regulate itself. Thus, our bodies respond to CBD very well, allowing it to bring an equilibrium to an off-balance system. CBD is a much gentler yet effective alternative to prescription drugs that can help treat anxiety and depression.

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