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Whether you’re a recreational or regular drug user, drug tests are probably your worst nightmare. There is nothing that causes stress and anxiety quite  like an upcoming drug test, especially when you know there’s no way you will pass it. Naturally, in this case, you will consider trying to fool the test.

Passing a drug test when you’re not clean takes serious preparation. After all, there are so many things at risk. So, you need to choose the most reliable method. There are many popular ways of cheating on drug tests. They range from sample dilution and adulteration to using various home remedies or borrowing someone else’s urine.

However, most of these methods are quite risky. So, using synthetic urine is your safest bet.

How to Recognize Good Synthetic Urine

Using a poor-quality brand of synthetic urine might result in getting caught. Therefore, it’s crucial that you opt for a reliable product. So, let’s see what the characteristics of high-grade synthetic urine are.

1. The Ingredients

Urine substitution is one of the most common methods of cheating on drug tests. Therefore, laboratories pay special attention to determine if a sample is real or fake. As a result, they’ve become quite good at recognizing synthetic urine, so fooling the urinalysis successfully is becoming harder and harder.

Natural urine consists of various chemical components. They provide the urine its color, smell, and consistency. These components are especially noticeable at the molecular level. Thus, if you want to avoid getting caught, you need to find synthetic urine that has all the substances of your natural urine.

The most reliable synthetic urine brands are those whose formula mimics real urine as closely as possible. To achieve that, they need to include the following chemicals and substances:

  1. Urea — a compound that is partly in charge of the urine smell
  2. Creatinine — a chemical waste product that your kidneys produce naturally
  3. Sodium chloride (salt) — everyone gets some salt in their diet

Another important aspect is the pH level. Natural urine’s pH level is most commonly between 4.5 and 8. If a synthetic urine sample has a higher or lower level than that, it will raise some flags and the lab technicians will know it’s a fake.

Finally, a good fake urine sample should both act and look like the real things. Natural urine differs from other liquids with its thickness and gravity. Moreover, it bubbles or foams when shaken. So, if your synthetic urine doesn’t have these characteristics, it’s not safe to use it for the test.

2. The Perfect Temperature

A real urine sample has a temperature that ranges from 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Good synthetic urine must have this temperature. If the sample is too hot, lab technicians will know it’s been artificially heated. On the other hand, if it’s too cold, it will be obvious that the sample is fresh.

Bear in mind that the synthetic urine producers aren’t responsible for the temperature — it’s completely up to you. The best synthetic urine brands include various heating methods in their kits. Also, they add thermometers, so that you can make sure your sample has a proper temperature. Thus, you must follow the instructions in the kit very carefully. Otherwise, lab technicians will know your urine sample is fake.

However, getting the right temperature isn’t easy. So, you should start thinking about it before the test and not leave it until the last minute. Therefore, before the test, you should practice mixing and heating your urine sample.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Real Urine

When you found out about the drug test, you probably considered using someone else’s urine. After all, why would you waste your money on synthetic urine when you can ask a friend to give you some?

However, using someone else’s urine is not the best option. First, you can never be sure that your friend’s urine is 100% clean. Second, preserving real urine is much harder than using a synthetic sample.

So, unless you don’t have enough time to get synthetic urine, you should avoid borrowing samples from other people.

The Best Synthetic Urine

With so many different products available on the market, choosing premium-quality synthetic urine is not easy. So, let’s take a look at some of the most reliable synthetic urine brands. As long as you follow the instructions, they will certainly bring good results.

1. Serious Monkey Business

While the name of this company may sound like a joke to you, their products are both reliable and affordable. Despite the wacky name and colorful packaging, this product will surely satisfy your needs.

Monkey Business Product Range

Serious Monkey Business has various synthetic urine products. At only $15, you can get Monkey Urine — powdered urine that you have to mix yourself. While this urine is not bad at all, the kit doesn’t include any heating elements. Therefore, setting the right temperature is completely up to you.

Monkey Flask ($25) and Monkey Whizz ($45) are your best options. Both these urines are pre-mixed. So, you don’t need to make the urine on your own. Also, they include temperature strips that you can use to heat the sample. In addition, both kits contain thermometers which will help you regulate the temperature of your urine sample. Between these two, Monkey Whizz is more covert than Monkey Flask. Therefore, it’s a better option.

Supervised tests are the nightmare of everyone forced to do a urine test. Still, Serious Monkey Business has a solution. Monkey Dong looks like a prosthetic penis, so only the most observant laboratory technicians will notice you’re cheating. Still, at $100, this product is a bit more expensive than other Monkey products.

Bottom Line

Serious Monkey Business is a great synthetic urine brand. Their products will work on most standardized urine tests. Most importantly, they contain all the necessary ingredients that make urine seem realistic. So, lab technicians will never realize that your sample is fake. Finally, Monkey Business products are not only reliable but also quite affordable.

2. Quick Fix

If you’ve been searching for best synthetic urine brands online, the chances are that you’ve come across Quick Fix. After all, it is one of the most reliable synthetic urine brands on the market.

Quick Fix offers two bottle sizes — a 2-ounce bottle that costs $34.95, and a 3-ounce bottle at $39.95. While the smaller bottle is enough for one urine drug test, you should consider getting a bigger one. That way, you will have enough urine to practice heating the sample.

Both versions of Quick Fix come with heating pads. Therefore, you can easily heat your sample. Moreover, there is a reliable thermometer to help you keep the temperature .

Another great product by Quick Fix is their urine belt. It’s a belt that can hold a urine bottle of any size. You can wear it under your clothes, so no one will notice that you’re sneaking in a fake sample. Therefore, your chances of getting caught will be minimal.

Quick Fix likes to point out that their success rate is 99% or higher. While this might seem as bragging, it might actually be true. Quick Fix has received stellar reviews from most of their customers.

Bottom Line

As you can see, Quick Fix is a high-quality, reliable product. Most customers have reported successful drug test results after using this product. Unfortunately, if you have to pass a supervised test, you will have to consider another brand, as Quick Fix doesn’t have any products for this type of testing.

3. Clear Choice Sub Solution

Quick Fix and Serious Monkey Business are good enough for most standardized tests. However, if the test is more complex or if the results are of utmost importance to you, you should consider getting Clear Choice Sub Solution.

Clear Choice Sub Solution is a synthetic urine that mimics the real thing almost perfectly. Not even the most advanced labs can recognize it is a fake. The users are extremely satisfied with it and the reviews are stellar. The worst-case scenario with this brand is getting an “inconclusive” test result.

Unlike most of its competitors, Sub Solution doesn’t have any heating pads. Instead, there is a chemical agent that sets the temperature. All you need to do is add it to the sample right before you submit it. It only takes seconds to reach the perfect sample temperature. Therefore, with Sub Solution, there is no risk of submitting a sample that is too cold or too hot.

However, Clear Choice Sub Solution is quite pricey. The 3-ounce bottle costs $80, which is much higher than its competitors. Still, if your job or freedom is on the line, it is a small price to pay.

Bottom Line

Clear Choice Sub Solution is by far the best synthetic urine currently available on the market. Moreover, the company is highly committed to keeping the formula up-to-date with the latest technology. Therefore, the product is constantly improved in order to fool even the latest drug testing methods.


If you want to cheat on a urine drug test, it is crucial that you use a premium-quality product. Luckily, Serious Monkey Business and Quick Fix will be successful with most regular drug tests, such as the pre-employment tests. On the other hand, if you’re up against a more serious test, Clear Choice Sub Solution is your safest bet.

In any case, don’t forget to follow the instructions carefully. All these products are extremely reliable, so it will be completely up to you to avoid getting caught.

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