Does CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, has been gathering much steam in the medical community recently. The rising popularity of CBD products is hardly surprising: people use it to treat pain, anxiety, depression, and even sleep disorders. CBD’s reputation is of a harmless herbal alternative to heavy drugs with far-reaching health benefits.

However, as CBD is extracted from the marijuana plants, people are concerned it may compromise them on drug tests. To test positive on a drug test, you need to have THC in your system. THC is another compound found in marijuana. Unlike CBD, THC has psychoactive effects and produces a high.

Since THC and CBD are different compounds, sellers market many CBD products as THC-free. But is that true? Here’s everything you need to know about passing a drug test when using CBD products.

Is CBD THC-free?

THC is problematic because it’s what drug screenings look for. Pure CBD cannot give you a positive result for illegal drug usage. However, many CBD products are not entirely free of THC. Small amounts of THC might be part of the formulations, especially because they enhance the effects of CBD.

Hemp vs. Marijuana

Both hemp and marijuana are varieties of cannabis. However, by definition, hemp contains little to no THC at all. Knowing what kind of cannabis your CBD product comes from will help you distinguish if it contains THC.

Hemp is by far the most popular source of CBD. Due to the lack of THC in it, the plant is farmable in all states. Moreover, the oil extracted from hemp is naturally low or devoid of THC. In contrast, the oil obtained from marijuana will be rich in both CBD and THC.

Know Your Oils

Besides the origin of oil, you also need to know what type of product you are buying. Unless you are entirely sure your product is a hemp-derived CBD isolate, there’s a chance it may contain THC.

A CBD isolate contains 100% pure CBD with no other active ingredients. On the other hand, a full-spectrum oil is high in CBD but also includes other cannabinoids.

Many products out there claim they are isolates, in part because that makes customers feel more reassured. However, research into cannabis has found that CBD is most effective when applied in conjunction with other cannabinoids. Full-spectrum oils are thus more potent, especially for treating pain and inflammation.

Can You Fail a Drug Test?

It is possible to fail a drug test even if you don’t consume marijuana or THC products. However, it’s easily preventable, as long as you understand what can cause a positive result.

Impure Products

Even if you shopped for pure CBD, the product might contain trace amounts of THC. Usually, this happens with low-quality products that the producer did not purify properly. Even the manufacturer might not be aware they are selling you a product that contains THC.

Unclear Origin

If the manufacturer of CBD is from a state where marijuana is legal, be on your guard. They are likely growing both hemp and marijuana. It’s possible that during the extraction process, ingredients accidentally get mixed up. Moreover, hemp is highly absorbent and can acquire THC from marijuana growing nearby.

Misleading Labels

Hemp has a THC concentration of less than 0.3%. That’s why oil extracted from pure hemp plants will be free of THC. However, some sellers may try to give you marijuana-derived CBD oil or oil-infused products and lie about it.

To be precise, more than two-thirds of CBD products are not labeled correctly. Unfortunately, the FDA is relatively lax with CBD.

Being Around Marijuana Smokers

You can test positive for THC if you’re around people consuming it. Smoke is not as dangerous as it may seem. You would have to be exposed to a very thick fog of marijuana smoke for hours at a time for it to get into your system.

However, if someone’s been touching marijuana and then touches your hair, you will most likely test positive. If they check your hair, that is; if it’s a urine test, you are still safe.

Prevent a False Positive on a Drug Test

Now that you know what can cause a false positive for THC during a drug test, you can take steps to avoid it.

Do your research and only shop from trusted sellers. Read customer reviews to make sure you are buying precisely what it says on the label. Ideally, you are looking for high-quality CBD isolates derived from hemp. To be on the safe side, avoid suppliers from states where marijuana is legal. And lastly, try not to be around people smoking weed a few days before your drug test.

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