How to Pass a Drug Test

So, you have a drug test coming up and you know you will get a positive result? Fret not, because there is a solution.

Getting a negative result on the test is not easy if you’re a drug user. Still, there are several methods that will improve your chances of passing the test. So, let’s see what exactly you need to do to pass any drug test.

What You Need to Know Before the Test

Passing a drug test without getting clean takes some serious preparation. However, before you start thinking about the best method, there are several things you need to know.

The crucial question is how you will be tested. Each type of drug tests is different and requires distinct preparation methods. Also, try to find out which drugs you will be tested for. That way, you will know what to expect and what to pay attention to. Moreover, some drugs remain in your body longer and your plan might depend on that. Therefore, you need to check how big the detection window is.

Passing a Urine Test

When you use drugs, drug metabolites remain in your urine for about 12 weeks. Since they are easily detectable, urinalysis is one of the most accurate and common drug tests. Still, it is possible to fool the test.

1. Dilution

If your sample contains more water than it’s supposed to, drug metabolites are far less noticeable. Another great thing about dilution is that it doesn’t raise any red flags since it can happen accidentally to people who drink a lot of water.

To dilute your specimen, all you need to do is drink an excessive amount of water in the days before the test. Also, you should have a healthy diet and take a vitamin B complex one day before the testing. That way, your urine will keep its yellow color.

Another way to dilute your sample is adding water directly into it. However, this is not a safe option. Labs are aware of this trick and do their best to prevent it. Also, you might add too much water, which will make your cheating obvious.

2. Substitution

Using someone else’s urine for your drug testing is an old technique. Luckily, it usually works. However, while you might be tempted to ask a friend to help you out, buying urine is a safer option.

The market is full of various substitutes. You can buy powdered, synthetic, or liquid urine online. As long as you keep it at the right temperature, no one will notice the switch.

3. Adulteration

Adulteration is the least reliable technique of urinalysis cheating. Most common chemicals that people add to their sample are bleach, soap, eye drops, and salt. However, they are easily detectable, so you will probably get caught.

Passing a Hair Test

Drug metabolites remain in your hair for months. So, a hair test is not only highly accurate but it can also reveal long-term drug use.

The best way to beat this test is to shave your hair off. Keep in mind that shaving your head is not enough. Lab technicians can also use other bodily hair. So, you will need to get a full body-wax.

Another method is using home remedies to remove the metabolites from your hair. White vinegar is the best option but you can also use sea salt, lemon, liquid detergent, or baking soda.

Finally, you could use one of the hair detox shampoos. However, that is a risky method and you can’t know for sure if it will work.

Passing a Blood Test

Blood drug tests are the most accurate tests out there. Also, they’re practically impossible to fool. Luckily, they are both intrusive and expensive, so they are pretty rare. Besides, blood tests have a pretty short detection window. So, your safest bet is to stop using drugs altogether at least 3 days before the testing.

Moreover, you should detoxify your body to speed up the cleaning process. So, drink a lot of water, eat healthily, work out, sleep a lot, and take lots of vitamin C. You can also buy a detox product online. However, make sure to get a premium-quality brand. Otherwise, lab technicians may detect the ingredients and you’ll get caught.

Passing a Saliva Test

Saliva tests are both easy to administer and affordable. Also, the results are available mere moments after the test is taken. Therefore, they are quite common, especially when it comes to workplace drug testing.

The good news is that the saliva test can’t detect long-term drug use. So, the best way to fool this test is to stop using drugs a couple of days before the testing.

If you want to improve your chances of passing the test, you should be careful about your oral hygiene. Brush your teeth well before the test, and pay special attention to your tongue and cheek area. Afterward, use a strong mouthwash. In addition, drink a lot of water, chew gum, and eat fatty foods.

Passing a Sweat Test

Sweat drug tests aren’t as accurate as other drug tests, which is why they are relatively rare. Passing this test is a piece of cake. A couple of days before the test, you should stop using any drugs. In addition, drink a lot of water and eat healthily. Also, you could use a detoxification product, as it’s highly unlikely it will be detected.

Passing a Steroid Test

Steroid tests come in many forms, but the most common are urine, blood, and hair tests. So, for this test, you could use some of the already mentioned techniques, like urine substitution. Still, the analysis of the sample is a bit different from regular drug tests.

When it comes to steroid tests, lab technicians always check the testosterone to epitestosterone ratio. The ratio should be 1:1, although anything up to 6:1 is tolerated. So, if your testosterone levels are high due to steroid use, all you need to do is increase the epitestosterone levels as well. There are many oral supplements that you can use to make your ratio suitable for the test.

Another common method for fooling the steroid test is using diuretics. Natural diuretics such as uva ursi, caffeine, parsley, dandelion, and tea are your best options.

Finally, if you’re up for something more drastic, you should consider blood transfusion. While you could look for a donor, self-donation is your safest bet.


As you can see, there are numerous ways to fool a drug test. Still, bear in mind that you can always get caught. However, with good preparation, your chances of scoring a negative result will be much higher.

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