National Prescription Drug Report

More Americans die each year from poisonings, including drug overdoses, than from car accidents. In three out of four cases, the drug is a prescription painkiller, and the number of deaths involving opioids – a common class of painkiller – now outnumbers those from cocaine and heroin combined. Medication monitoring results can help a clinician assess whether a patient is taking the prescribed medication or if a patient is taking other drugs that the clinician is not aware of. The results presented in this report came from samples collected by Ameritox in 2012 from about 527,000 individual patients.

CBD Oil Highlighted by Opiate Patients

The most shocking discovery of the National Prescription Drug Report in 2019 was that there is an increasing number of those weening off of prescription painkillers who were using CBD oil for pain relief. One individual reported that rather than take a daily dose of his pain medication, he would take three drops of a 1000mg CBD oil tincture. This would manage the pain without reliance on opiates.

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