Why Ameritox: Monitoring solutions for pain management. Urine drug testing, superior science, and expert support

Ameritox has made significant research contributions and clinical advancements in the field of pain management and urine drug testing, which have helped expand the tools and resources we offer to our physician partners.

Our research program collaborates with top academic, research, and pain centers, including Beth Israel Medical Center and Thomas Jefferson School of Population Health, and we lead the industry with an innovative research program that’s redefining the field of chronic pain medication management and pain medication monitoring.
Contributions include:

  • Five published studies and more than ten accepted poster presentations at major pain conferences in the last two years.
  • The establishment of a Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of leading experts in pain medicine, providing guidance on clinical research, pain management and urine drug testing, providing insight on establishing the role of urine drug monitoring in pain monitoring.
  • A study of nearly one million urine drug tests showed that likely nonadherence and drug misuse are very common across all age and demographic groups of patients on chronic opioid therapy.
  • A health economics study analyzed managed care claims of more than 18 million patients, finding that patients undergoing opioid therapy for chronic pain who may not be following their prescription regimen have significantly higher overall healthcare costs.

By adding to the body of knowledge of pain management, Ameritox strives to assist physicians in making better treatment decisions.

Ameritox provides the important information you and your staff need to help improve outcomes for your chronic pain patients and your practice. Our superior urine drug screening laboratory services and proprietary methods of analysis are backed by exceptional service and clinical support to help you create a pain medication monitoring program that meets the needs of your practice.

Pain management and urine drug testing: Expertise and Superior Laboratory Services
Our labs in Greensboro, North Carolina, process thousands of specimens a day with the highest degree of accuracy, reliability and sensitivity. Most urine drug testing simply determines the absence or presence of a certain class of drugs. The Ameritox Rx GuardianSM process utilizes state-of-the art initial screening and confirmatory testing. Our analytical technology identifies and quantifies a wide range of prescribed and non-prescribed medications—at some of the lowest detection levels in the industry.

This process is further enhanced with Rx Guardian CDSM, featuring a proprietary normalization algorithm and the most comprehensive reference database of chronic pain patients clinicallyclinically assessed for adherence. Available exclusively from Ameritox, Rx Guardian CDSM compares patients’ normalized results to the reference database of adherent pain patients, providing clinicians with added assurance in assessing patients’ pain medication adherence. This helps clinicians identify potential abuse, misuse, or diversion of patient medication.

Questions about incorporating pain medication monitoring into your practice as part of pain management? Urine drug testing with Ameritox goes beyond standard testing. Learn more about how this expertise can help you better manage the care of your pain patients by contacting us today.

Results Interpretation and Support
For added decision-making confidence, experienced Ameritox Toxicology SpecialistsSM are available to help interpret and consult on results. They are available by phone to answer any medication monitoring questions. They bring an invaluable level of knowledge in the areas of pain medication toxicology, illicit drug toxicology and drug testing science.

Comprehensive Clinical Support and Customer Service
Ameritox provides unsurpassed service and extensive clinical support to help your practice manage and monitor your chronic pain patients’ medications more effectively. Dedicated Sales Consultants assist you and your staff in integrating monitoring into the continuum of your chronic pain management. You’ll receive guidance on helping patients understand the benefits of monitoring and helping your practice minimize the time it takes to monitor.

Valuable Tools and Resources
Ameritox supports the highest standards of patient and practice safety. We offer the following tools and resources to help you maximize the value of pain medication monitoring in your practice:

  • Ameritox Online ServicesSM bring added efficiency to requisitions and reporting.
  • Rx Guardian AutoReminderSM independently and randomly selects patients for monitoring based on a protocol you select to eliminate guesswork and bias.
  • Ameritox Practice ProfilesSM provide vital indicators of both patient and practice progress.
  • Experienced Ameritox Toxicology SpecialistsSM are available for consultation on any result.
  • Direct billing support assists patients with billing questions.
  • Strong relationships with leading insurers and managed care organizations ensure broad coverage for your patients.

More Clinicians Trust Ameritox
Ready to incorporate monitoring into your practice as part of pain management? Urine drug testing using Ameritox goes beyond standard testing to provide robust information to assist with your pain medication monitoring program. Contact Ameritox to learn more or to start monintoring.