Urine Drug Testing Laboratory Science and Services

As the leading provider of urine drug monitoring, only Ameritox offers the comprehensive pain medication monitoring solutionsSM you need to provide the highest quality chronic pain care.

Most urine drug testing simply determines the absence or presence of a drug. The Ameritox Rx GuardianSM process with Rx Guardian CDSM is the only urine drug monitoring solution with a comprehensive reference database derived from more than one thousand chronic pain patients who were clinically assessed as adherent. Your patients’ normalized results can be compared against this database, giving you added assurance in assessing whether patients are taking their medication correctly and providing more information than other urine drug testing laboratories.

Patients whose normalized drug values exceed two standard scores from the mean of the reference database, accompanied by clinical indicators of risk (such as aberrant behaviors), may have a higher likelihood of drug abuse, misuse, or diversion. Patients whose normalized drug values fall within two standard scores from the mean of the index database, and who lack clinical indicators of risk (such as aberrant behaviors), may have a lower likelihood of drug abuse, misuse, or diversion.

Clinical benefits of working with Ameritox include:

  • Use of the patented Rx GuardianSM process for analyzing urine drug levels in pain patients.
  • Use of Rx Guardian CDSM, which features a proprietary normalization algorithm and the most comprehensive reference database of pain patients clinically assessed as adherent.
  • A comprehensive Rx GuardianSM results report, which provides easy-to-understand insights for you when evaluating your patients.
  • Access to monitoring panels that test for a wide range of medications and other drugs.
  • The assurance of working with a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA)-certified drug testing laboratory that processes thousands of samples per day, using the most advanced analytical technology.
  • Lab services you can trust: Ameritox has received accreditation from The College of American Pathologists’ Laboratory Accreditation Program.

In addition to our superior science, Ameritox also offers superior support for you and your practice, including:

It’s this exceptional service and support that helps turn the information on an Rx GuardianSM results report into better chronic pain outcomes for your patients and your practice.

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